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KENSINGTON International

Real estate franchise worldwide

KENSINGTON Finest Properties International is an international real estate company specialising in the brokerage of high-quality residential and commercial properties Founded in 1998, KENSINGTON has been expanding as a franchise company on the international property market since 2011 and is setting new trends. With our international network, innovative marketing tools and an in-house academy, we are the fuel for quality and service in the real estate brokerage business.

Chairman’s Message from Sven Binnewies

Our mission is clearly formulated:

"Together we are stronger’ is the guiding principle of the real estate franchising concept of KENSINGTON Finest Properties International. We offer you a fair partnership that is individually tailored to you, a perfect environment for maximum success in the real estate industry and a professionally managed network where professionals and newcomers meet at the same level. With our valuable employees and our high-performance franchise partners, we are shaping our future and utilizing our great potential. We focus on sustainable growth - not on quick turnover. We stand for a professional, focused and strong team with which we will become a successful innovation and quality leader in the coming years. Our professional identity is closely linked to our brand image. We want to live our brand DNA internally and externally, develop it further and shape it in such a way that we are perceived as a ‘best performer’ with a strong team.

We are an industry role model - recognisable and attractively different.

Sven Binnewies

CEO / Chairman 
KENSINGTON Finest Properties International AG

KENSINGTON Finest Properties International AG

Bahnhofstrasse 21 | 6300 Zug
Telefon: +49 421 83 063 178

Sven Binnewies
Global CEO
Benjamin Liers
Global CSO
Daniel Malek
CEO D/A/CH Region
Christoph Wiesenbach
Head of Partner Development D/A/CH Region
Svenja Böttcher
Head of Finance
Stephanie Flindt
Head of International Marketing
Luis Curti

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